Transfer of machines and plants

categories of transfer:
- wordwide -

  • internal restructuring
  • transfer of machines and plants in Germany
  • transfer of machines and plants in Europe
  • transfer from EU-countries into Non-EU-countries

Our service includes the preparation and planning, disassembly, loading, organization of transport, unloading, installation/assembly and commissioning.

objects of transfer:
- worldwide -

  • complete redeploy of a company
  • redeploy or assembly of complete machines
  • redeploy of machining center or transfer systems
  • relocation of assembly lines
  • redeploy of multi-spindle automatic lathes
  • assembly of welded structures and robots
  • relocation of various individual equipment and manual workstations

Important! We are not a removal company, we only transfer machinery, equipment and devices with technical know-how.

All installations and transfers are planned by skilled workers and engineers of engineering industry.