Our equipment consists of modern machinery partially 5-axis CNC-controlled and conventional machines.

The programming directly on the machine is in many cases a great advantage for us.

A flexible design of other processing options like drilling, grinding or electrical discarge machining (EDM) gives us the opportunity for a fast reaction time to individual and urgent customer requirements.

Our machinery includes:

  • CNC- and conventional rotary machining
  • CNC- and conventional milling process
  • grinding process
  • CNC- and radial drilling machine
  • electrical discarge machining (EDM)
  • cleaning- and degreasing machine
  • saw machining machine
  • CNC- flame-cutting machine
  • measuring machines
  • machining of large parts (milling and drilling)

We also work together in cooperation with other companies to give our customers a wide range of services and try to offer our help in all situations.

Our cooperation includes:

  • CNC- laser-cutting machine
  • water jet cutting machine
  • hardening
  • annealing
  • blasting

Our machinery is continuously expanded and modernized.