Mechanical machining

Another division of FISSEK GmbH is the toll manufacturing, which is strategically equipped for prototypes, small and medium series production.

The following points shows an excerpt of our references:

  • manufacture and processing of welding components
  • manufacture of parts for machine components (chassis, racks, single components)
  • manufacture of prototypes including test certificate in all levels of the manufacturing process
  • manufacture of small and medium series with CNC equipment
    mechanical machining with a diameter up to 350mm, an length up to 500mm, milling or drilling with a working area 500*800*800mm.

Our products are used in:

  • vehicle part manufacturing for transmissions and clutches
    drive elements, flange, flanged shaft, bevel gears, bearing plates, hubs, nipples, shaft, shaft output, camshaft, wheel carriers
  • ventilation systems
  • transmission components for wind turbines
  • verification of components for thermal power plants

We have a variety of machining centers to achieve the required quality, to adherence the delivery date and to manufacture our products economically.

The support begins in the development process with personal attention to each project level. A dedicated, experienced and qualified team is our success factors.