-general reconstruction and modernization-

The term „retrofitting“ describes the upgrade of various elements, for example replacement of assembly where spares are no longer available, retrofit of automation systems or material replacement by wear resistant materials.

The aim is to increase the production volume and the quality to achieve a higher efficiency of the system and possibly meet various legal requirements.

We perform general repairs and partial repairs on various equipment and machine tools. Primarily multi-spindle automatic lathes (for example: Gildemeister, Schütte, Pittler, Index and Steinhäuser).

Our range of service:

  • disassembly and basic cleaning
  • analysing of the machine together with the customer
  • repair of individual components
  • colouring
  • assembly
  • electrical equipment und control equipment
  • commissioning

Our basic approach is it to unchanged the dimensions of the machine and the working area. An Easy assembly and the universal use must be ensured to achieve a high accuracy with a rugged design and simple programming.


  • complete modernization of 8-spindle automatic lathes
  • reconstruction of electrical control and own PLC control
  • retrofit of CNC compound slides
  • use of AC drives
  • reconstruction of security equipment including protective housing